Bio-Glitter Silver - Fine

Bio-Glitter Silver - Fine

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Biodegradable Glitter for face and body. Eco friendly and plastic free, made from plant material. Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly

Bio-Glitter Silver


Set to be a massive trend again this year, Glitter is not going away! We love glitter here at Naissance but obviously, millions of tiny pieces of plastic being washed away – not really our thing. To not miss out on the sparkly fun, we bring you biodegradable glitter! That’s right, you heard correctly, glitter that is eco-friendly and not made of plastic.

  • Derived from plant material
  • Certified degradable in marine and waste water, when washed away. 
  • Produced sustainably, from renewable raw materials from responsibly managed forests certified with the FSC. 
  • Cosmetically safe for face, hair and body, get you guilt free glitter on! 
  • Ideal for festivals, concerts, shows, children’s parties, weddings and wherever you need a bit of sparkle in your life! 
  • Certified cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Face and body

You can use any sticking medium you chose to apply your Bio Glitter, we recommend our Aloe Vera Gel (#707) as a base for your glitter. Apply the Aloe Vera Gel to the desired areas and use a brush or your finger to dab on the Bio Glitter. Use as little or as much as you like, but just remember - you can never have too much glitter!

Make you own sets

Why not try adding Bio Glitter to one of our make your own sets like our bath bomb or lip balm kit? Glitter up your bath bombs for a bit of extra sparkle.