Who we are

Welcome to our world

Our journey began with a childhood spent in Africa. Jem, the founder of Naissance, grew up where it was commonplace for people to use natural ingredients to make their own remedies as premade products weren’t readily available. His mother would hand craft remedies with resources nature provided. Fascinated with the wonders nature can provide, he embarked on a journey that would see the birth of a company that would become the Naissance you know today.
Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we’ve been on a journey of #discoveringbetter, on the lookout for more ethical and sustainable ways of bringing you the products you love. When we see something that can be done in a better way, we challenge ourselves to achieve it. Whether it’s helping a community enjoy a brighter future by sourcing our natural ingredients responsibly, or helping you get that glow you’ve been searching for with one of our specially crafted recipes or blends. Every day we get a little closer to ‘better’. Improving on what we’ve learnt, enhancing our way of working and bringing you higher quality ingredients and more effective blends.

Our Certifications

We believe that natural ingredients should be just that. Natural. Sounds obvious, we know. But it’s not always the case. What’s more, we think natural ingredients shouldn’t cost the earth. We search the world to source carefully selected ingredients and will always strive to bring you the best quality products, so you always know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

All our products are cruelty free which is something we are super proud of and everything in our vegan friendly product range has been registered with the Vegan Society. Yep, there’s no dirt on us.

We also have an amazing certified Organic range available on our website, simply look for the logo!

You can view our certifications here - Soil Association Organic - Leaping Bunny - Vegan

Our Partnerships

We have travelled the world to forge partnerships with sustainable growers and farmers, so we can supply our ingredients direct from source. We only choose to support ethical and sustainable farmers and we ensure they receive the best price for their premium products and we treasure their unique expertise, knowledge and skills.


Our Values

We are constantly on a mission to discover better, more ethical and sustainable ways of doing things. From creating better products and providing better services, to building more meaningful partnerships with growers, to pioneering more ethical ways of working.

For us the possibilities are endless, and we promise never to stop striving for better.