From seed to skin

Shea Butter

We have established a mutually beneficial partnership with an amazing woman called Georgina Koomson, from Ghana, West Africa. Georgina is part of a cooperative of over 600 women who together, through the manufacturing of Shea Butter support a local community of over 2400 individuals.

We are delighted to be supporting Georgina and her cooperative and proud to bring their beautiful Organic Shea Butter directly to you, but we don't want to stop at just that. We want to help their community further by giving back.

Building wells for a better education 

This industry vastly helps their local economy and it has enabled them to build wells for clean water, schools to provide children with a vital education and a nursery to help mums with young children get back to work. One of the projects that we have worked on with Georgina is the digging of a new well for a partner community in the Tolon Region (west of Tamale) which does not currently have access to a clean water supply. The residents of this community must travel to other areas to fill containers with water and carry them back home. It is usually the girls who collects the water, meaning they miss out on valuable schooling. By helping build a well we will not only give people access to safe, clean drinking water but also enable these girls to have more time in school for their education.

A new production facility

We wanted to do more for Gerogina and her incredible cooperative. That's why we have started a second project with them that it's currently underway.We are helping with the building of a new production facility, enabling Georgina's cooperative to pack and store their goods in a clean and covered environment, helping their business grow and empowering the community to prosper further.By purchasing our Shea direct from source, we ensure that Georgina and her cooperative of women get the best possible price for their amazing product, and we help ensure that young girls can get an education and families have a guaranteed income. The Shea Butter they produce is the best in the world and they produce it in it’s purest form where it's simply roasted, hand kneaded and filtered. It is as unrefined as it can possibly be meaning it retains all the incredible nutrients of the shea nuts.

Every time you purchase our Unrefined Organic Shea Butter, you are also making a huge difference to these women and their families.

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