Aloe Vera Origin Story

We are dedicated to seeking out direct, long-standing relationships with farmers. One of our very first partnerships was with a farmer in Spain where we source our Aloe Vera Gel 

Selling and buying directly often means that farmers get a higher price for what they grow and because the supply chain is so much smaller, everyone in it knows who is who and what is going where. This is why we are dedicated to seeking out direct, long-standing relationships with farmers. One of our very first partnerships was with Nino, our Aloe Vera supplier.

The aloe vera we use to make our Aloe Vera Gel, comes direct from our partner in Spain. We’ve been working with them for over 5 years and was one of the first partnerships we made with a farmer when we embarked on our quest to supply direct from source. Southern Spain is the perfect environment for growing aloe plants and the plantations provide aloe all year round. The whole area is certified organic and produces 20,000kg of leaves every harvest, three times a year. 2.5 leaves makes 1kg of aloe vera gel.The aloe plant produces twelve to fifteen baby plants a year and they need to grow for three to five years before they are ready to be harvested as older plants produce better leaves. When they are mature enough, several leaves are harvested from the outer layer of each plant and then new leaves grow through the centre.

Supporting a farming cooperative 

aloe vera farm

Many local farmers grow vegetables and get a very poor return on their produce, a lot of work for very little income. Aloe offers a growing alternative which gives a good return and supplements their income. Our partner supports a farming cooperative by providing all the aloe plants, and full support on how to plant, look after and harvest aloe. The farmers are paid a monthly salary rather than per delivery per product, helping them to maintain financial stability. The farmers are supported all the way through the growing process and have access to the lab where they produce the gel if they need help and support and they can visit the lab where they can see the process of gel production.

aloe vera plant

Working directly with farmers like this means a fairer deal for them, better source to shelf quality control for us and more lovely products for you to enjoy.

Aloe Vera Gel (N° 707)

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