We source our Argan from the first women run co-operative in Morocco. Growing Argan trees provides a stable income for their families and gives access to education and healthcare.

To ensure we supply the best quality, finest Argan Oil, we of course, travelled to Morocco where the harvesting and extracting of the Argan fruits is typically done by women’s cooperatives, providing income and food for many communities. The women collect the Argan nuts, crack them open to reveal the dry the fleshy pulp inside, which is then recycled as a highly nutritious animal feed. The kernels inside are then cold pressed to release the liquid gold within.

Social Impact

The number of cooperatives has grown significantly over the years empowering the women of rural Morocco and forming a network of support. The guarantee of income and employment enables families to afford healthcare and basic education for their children and literacy courses for adults. The network educates local families of the value of the Argan tree in rural areas of Morocco to stop deforestation by offering a more sustainable source of income than cutting the trees down for firewood. The cooperatives rely of the growing popularity of Argan Oil for cosmetic use and are continuing to expand their operations every year.

Environmental Impact 

Argan trees have deep roots in the Moroccan desert and have been an important natural resource both socially and environmentally for many years. The Argan forests are a vitally important defender against desertification. The trees can grow on the fringes of desert, where few others can grow and thanks to their deep roots, they prevent desert encroachment and protect from soil erosion.

Working directly with cooperatives such as this one means they can expand their operations and encourage more families to join the growing community, in turn providing a reliable source of income for the families, better education for the children and access to healthcare.

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Argan Virgin Organic Oil (N° 228)

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