Naissance - Better for you, better for the environment.

With Naissance, it's all about putting ethics first! That's why, since we started in 2005, we have worked tirelessly to achieve the authentic accreditations that we have today. 

These certifications mean everything to us and we display them proudly to reaffirm our quality and commitment to delivering the very best products to our customers.

Cruelty Free

At Naissance we’ve always been completely against any form of animal testing and we can proudly say that every ingredient we use in any of our products is cruelty free. 

As a brand we have made a genuine commitment to ending animal testing for its products. This also means that every single one of our suppliers across the world are also conforming to the same strict criteria.

Many brands within the beauty industry claim to be against animal testing or describe themselves as ‘animal friendly’, yet 80 per cent of the world still allows for animals to be used for cosmetic testing.

Naissance believes that beauty and household products should be cruelty free. All of our own brand cosmetic and personal care products and household and cleaning products follow an internationally recognised gold standard for cruelty free products. 

Vegan Society

In addition to our cruelty free commitment we have also registered all eligible products with the Vegan Society. 

The Vegan Society are one of the most widely recognised vegan organisations in Europe. They register vegan products throughout the UK, ensuring they meet their strict vegan standards. Registered vegan products do not contain animal ingredients, and the ingredients have never been tested on animals. The processing aids used in the manufacturing process are also vegan. 

We proudly display the Vegan Society Sunflower logo next to all our vegan friendly products on our website making them easy to find. You can see our Vegan Certificate here. 

Soil Association

We are super proud to offer an extensive range of Organic products certified by the Soil Association, one of the largest certification bodies here in the UK.

Achieving their stamp of approval on our products was a huge success for us and it shows our commitment to deliver to you only the best quality of products that you can find on the market. Everything, from the sourcing of the product to the packaging, is thoroughly checked by the Soil Association to ensure that the ingredients are produced in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.

By choosing to buy organic ingredients to use in your skincare routine, you can rest assured that all of them have been organically farmed without the use of herbicides or GMO and you can trace it back all the way to the farm.

Look for the logo whenever you shop and feed your skin with only 100% natural and organic products. You can see our Soil Association  certificate here. 

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was established because of serious concerns about the ‘plight of the bumblebee’. 

Their vision is to create a world where bumblebees are thriving and valued. Their mission is to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees and here at Naissance we are committed to supporting this amazing charity that is close to our hearts. Nature being the core of our business, bumblebees play a vital role in keeping the plants that we use for our products to continue to grow. Plants depend on bees pollinating them so they can continue to grow and the reduction in numbers of bees is cause for concern. 

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has many ongoing projects aiming to research and educate to improve the prospects of the much-loved bumblebee. 

Check out their website HERE to see some of the amazing work they do to help save the bees! 

Food Standards Agency

Did you know that you can also eat our lovely oils? As a further mark of our commitment to quality, our production facilities here at Naissance have been awarded the highest rating (5 stars) in food hygiene by the UK government Food Standards Agency. This puts us in line with the best performing restaurants and food manufacturing facilities in the country.

For us it is extremely important to promote a healthy lifestyle and to feed your body, and your skin, with only natural and pure ingredients that will make you feel better from within. Achieving a food hygiene rating of 5, was for us a further guarantee that our products are as nature intended, no synthetic ingredients, flavourings or colourings added that can harm you. 

ISO 9001:2015

Naissance was born in 2005 with customer satisfaction in mind. We have worked hard to find only the highest quality of products from the very beginning and we haven’t stopped since.

To prove our commitment to you, from November 2018, after months of preparation, we have had the pleasure to add another amazing badge to our already super impressive collection of certifications: ISO 9001:2015. The ISO 9001:2015 standard is the internationally recognised for Quality Management System. In order to achieve the stamp, the entire company and its staff had to go through a meticulous process to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers.

ISO 9001:2015 is a standard that demonstrates the ability to provide products and services at a consistent standard that meet the customer and regulatory requirements.

You can see our Soil Association certificate here. 

Naturally, Naissance xxx