Supporting growers and producers around the globe through Fair Trade and partnership

Our Ethical Sourcing Partnership Policy aims to outline how we differentiate our raw materials from competitors offering by demonstrating our above and beyond approach to sourcing raw materials, ensuring the highest quality and prioritising ethical stance.

Ethics First

- Making our sourcing decisions based on how the materials are grown, what impact they are having socially, environmentally and on the local wildlife.
- Working with partners who are affiliated or certified with organisations such as Wildlife Friendly, Union for Ethical Bio Trade, and Integral Trade.
- Bi-annual inspections of our partners, where possible having updates, photos and blogs on the product and community.
Ensuring that growers and producers receive a fair market price for their products.

Beautifully Honest

- Transparent supply chain, we can track our products back from our warehouse to the farm where it was grown.
- All our materials are clean & green, they are grown, harvested and simply extracted to provide us with as natural a product as possible which has not been adulterated or diluted.
- Technical documents to back up our quality, GC analysis for essential oils, fatty acid profile for carrier oils.

Grow Together

- Building partnerships with our growers and producers to help them grow and develop their business.
- Helping to expand the range of products they can produce and increase volumes as our sales grow.
- Ensuring sustainable growth taking the community or co-operative needs and environmental impact into consideration.
- Encouraging and supporting our partners to keep as many processes within the Country of origin, adding value to their products.

Zest for Better

- Always striving to improve what we offer, not just on our raw materials but also our packaging, waste, efficiency and green energy.
- Listening to our customers and taking their suggestions on new materials and ideas for new products to improve and expand our offering.