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The start of May marks the halfway point between spring and summer and has long been celebrated, whether as the Roman festival of Flora, the goddess of flowering plants, or the Celtic Beltane.

It is a time for nature and renewal and here are three great ways to rebalance both mind and body.

1. Let’s Connect!

This month sees Mental Health Awareness week when from 9th – 15th May, the ‘Let’s Connect’ campaign encourages us all to build meaningful connections, whether with friends, family, colleagues or within our community.

It can be as simple as picking up the phone to talk to someone you’ve not spoken to in a while, meeting up for a walk in the great outdoors, or just checking in on those around you. Even though we are now post pandemic, people are still worried about feeling isolated and so by taking time to reach out, these small moments of care can make a big difference.

2. Mad about May recipes 

Good food packed with fresh ingredients is a sure-fire way to feel great and this is the month where so many fantastic vegetables are in season – think asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, watercress, spinach, radish and, of course, new potatoes.

As they are in season, they are available at reasonable prices too and so for some delicious inspiration, here’s BBC Good Food’s recipe suggestions (we loved the Linguine with watercress & almond pesto).

3. Me Time in May

Keeping skin hydrated and softened can be a challenge over winter and with summer around the corner, now is the ideal time to prepare by nourishing our hair and skin with some deep conditioning treatments.

There are many great products to choose from and one of our favourites is Organic Refined Coconut Oil, a super emollient that’s packed with essential fatty acids. A carrier oil, not only does it intensively moisturise skin but it also strengthens and conditions hair and is literally good enough to eat. What’s more, it’s odourless and a healthy alternative to traditional cooking fats.

We hope that our trio of tips prove useful and do share any ideas you have for making the most of the marvellous month of May. 

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