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For many, a good hair oil is a staple in their haircare routine. Oils have been used on hair for centuries to condition, nourish and boost shine – so it’s no surprise that today they’ve got a special place in the bathroom cabinet. People use hair oils for many different reasons; due to the protective and moisturising effect that oil can have on hair and skin, it’s exceptionally good at nourishing and softening the hair and scalp.

The idea of putting oil on your hair may seem strange at first. No one wants their hair to feel weighed down with a thick or greasy oil, but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that lots of natural oils don’t have this effect at all. In fact, a good hair oil supplements our natural sebum (the oil our hair follicles produce to keep our hair hydrated and healthy) and is lightweight and fast-absorbing – you wouldn’t even notice it’s there.

If you’re interested to learn about the benefits of using a hair oil and what to look out for, read on. 

Why should I use a hair oil? 

To put it simply, our hair goes through a lot every day. From heated styling tools to colouring techniques, harsh shampoos and even the sun’s UV rays, our natural sebum sometimes isn’t enough to keep hair moisturised and soft. Everyday stresses and environmental factors can contribute to dry, brittle and damaged hair – so it’s important that we do all we can to protect our precious locks. This is where a good hair oil comes in handy.  

1. Strengthen your hair  

Using an oil on your hair is essentially like adding an extra barrier of protection. Oil forms a nourishing layer over hair and coats the strands, making it far less prone to breakage and preventing split ends from snapping off. Hair oil works to protect the hair from everyday damaging factors and helps maintain its natural elasticity.  

2. Smooth and calm frizz 

Many oils are naturally rich in fatty acids and vitamins, which help to lock in moisture and keep hair feeling soft and hydrated. Locking in moisture and adding a protective layer of oil to hair prevents humidity from entering the hair shaft, helping to tame frizz and enhance shine – for soft, silky hair. 

3. Promote hair growth 

While a hair oil won’t add inches to your locks overnight, it helps to prevent hair breakage which generally leads to longer, stronger hair. As the hair is coated and protected, it’s far less likely to break off or snap, resulting in hair that grows longer and faster.  

What should I look for in a hair oil? 

There are hundreds of hair oils on the market today, with many promising fantastic results and better protected hair. If you’re on the hunt for a good hair oil, we recommend looking out for one that is lightweight and fast-absorbing. These types of oils are suitable for all hair types, including thin or fine hair – in fact, they can be used every time you wash your hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy. Here’s a few more things to look out for when choosing a hair oil: 

Essential oils 

Essential oils are incredibly powerful; they are distilled from the plant itself and are highly concentrated. We recommend choosing a hair oil infused with essential oils to ensure your hair is getting the best care possible (however – it’s important to note that essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the hair, scalp and skin).

Volatile oils are rich in ketones, monoterpenes and phenolic compounds, which are all high in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, many recommend using essential oils in hair oils to promote a healthier scalp, reduce inflammation and nourish the hair. 

Carrier oils 

A carrier oil is a plant-based oil derived from nuts, seeds or kernels. Generally, they are used to dilute essential oils – but many have their own nourishing benefits which can help boost the texture of hair and prevent breakage, leading to stronger and healthier locks.

One of the best carrier oils for hair is Argan oil. Extracted from the kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree, Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. It helps to soften and nourish hair and can even reduce breakage and split ends, making it the perfect addition to a nourishing hair oil.  

Ready for strong, healthy and protected hair? Try our new Organic Hair Oil 

At Naissance, we’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our Organic Hair Oil – a nourishing lightweight hair oil to strengthen hair structure, restore shine and protect from heat damage. Naissance Organic Hair Oil features key natural ingredients recognised for their nourishing properties, including:

Argan Oil, which helps to reduce breakage and split ends while enhancing shine.

Macadamia Oil, which is a great source of nutrients for the hair, helps to smooth frizz and tame flyaway hairs, contributing to soft and silky hair.

Clary Sage, which is used around the world to promote hair growth and improve hair strength, while helping to balance scalp oiliness and naturally conditions dry strands.

It also contains Bioactive Hair Oléobooster®, an active ingredient that protects the hair’s appearance, colour and radiance from heat and sun damage, helping to keep hair bright and shiny. Packed with coconut oil-vectorised antioxidants, Hair Oléobooster® preserves hair and increases protection of the hair fiber from external aggressions.

If you’re ready for longer, stronger and healthier hair, you can purchase our Organic Hair Oil below! 


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