Organic September

We are incredibly proud to offer a range of natural products that have been certified organic by the Soil Association. Displaying their stamp of approval on our products means you can easily see which of our products have been grown, harvested and manufactured to organic standards - and for us, it shows our commitment to deliver only the best quality products that you can  find on the market. 

Just look for the logo!

By choosing to buy organic ingredients, you can rest assured that each and every one has been organically farmed without the use of herbicides or GMO, and you can trace it from farm to bottle.

What is organic?

From the Soil Association:

"Organic is a way of farming that works with nature, delivering many benefits for wildlife, society and the natural world. Certified organic farmers and businesses work to a strict set of standards, to ensure that their ingredients and products sustain the health of..."

- Wildlife and nature

- Animals

- Soils

- People 

When you buy a certified organic product from us, you can be sure it contains:

- No genetically modified ingredients

- No controversial chemicals

- No parabens or phthalates

- No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

- No nanoparticles

- Recycled and recyclable packaging where possible

- No animal testing, ever.

How do you know if a product is organic?

Unless a product is certified, there’s no guarantee that it will contain truly organic ingredients. This is why it is so important for us to be a genuine certified supplier of natural ingredients.

When you see the COSMOS or Soil Association logo, you know that every step of the process to make that product has been checked by independent experts.

Discover our organic heroes

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Jojoba Golden Organic Oil (N° 233)
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Shea Butter Unrefined Organic (N° 306)
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Almond Sweet Organic Oil (N° 215)
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Castor Organic Oil (N° 217)
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Castile Liquid Soap Organic (N° 407)
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Argan Virgin Organic Oil (N° 228)