How to combat dry hands

Keeping your hands clean and germ free is vitally important in reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, but the constant hand washing and sanitising strips the natural oils from your skin leaving them feeling dry, chapped and sore.

Our skin is the first defence against bacteria, viruses and other germs so protecting them is essential. 

How to protect your hands

  • After washing your hands, make sure you dry them thoroughly. Leaving your hands even a little bit damp can cause them to dry out and become chapped.

  • Moisturise after every wash. You need to replenish the moisture lost by frequent washing. Also, moisturising prevents cracking, which allows viruses and germs to get into your skin.
  • Massage an oil into your hands at night to support the skin's barrier function and protect your hands while you sleep. Use a fast absorbing light weight oil so your hands don't feel super oily.

Best oils for dry hands

DIY Lavender Dry Hand Cream

Keep your hands super soft, hydrated and protected with this easy DIY hand cream recipe. This recipe contains some of our favourite organic ingredients including Shea Butter, Lavender Oil and Rosehip Oil all chosen for their wonderful beneficial properties and will help your hands stay soft and hydrated.

diy lavender dry hand cream

DIY Rose Hand Butter

With Mango Butter and Apricot Kernel Oil, fragranced with beautifully floral Geranium Rose oil, this luxurious butter is loaded with skin moisturising ingredients certain to give your skin some much needed hydration and protection.

rosy hand butter


Rosehip Oil
High Strength Vitamin E
Apricot Kernel Oil
Mango Butter Refined
Almond Sweet Oil

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