We source our Organic Moringa Oil from Kenya. The Moringa tree is drought resistant and fast growing and is a vital source of income for the communities living there.

When tourism began to decline in Kenya, poverty was increasing and alternative sources of income were required for people to survive. Growing cooperatives were formed when they realised it could be a very lucrative agriculture project to grow, harvest and extract the amazing oil locked inside the seeds of their miracle tree. 

The Moringa trees thrive in Kenya, growing even in the toughest conditions, where other crops fail. Nothing is wasted when it comes to growing Moringa trees. The leaves are edible and are a good source of vitamins and minerals. The seed coat, which is a by-product of the oil extraction process, is recycled as fertiliser, as an animal feed, as biofuel for energy generation and can even be used as a natural, eco-friendly water purification product.

We source our Moringa from a cooperative plantation Estate which is supported by their outgrow program. Local women are given a tree to grow by their home. The women are shown how to maintain the tree, prune it and collect the seeds, then when they have a sack of seeds these are picked up and they are paid cash for them, so it’s like having a money tree in their garden which offers a source of food as well. The project also trains and educates small holding rural farmers on the benefits of growing Moringa trees and supports them to become growers for the Estate. They are paid very well and also benefit from the profits of the company. This Estate provides a much-needed income for many in the community and is helping to drive away poverty. 

When you buy Moringa Oil from us, you can rest assured that it is responsibly sourced and the women that grow the trees are paid fairly for their hard work.

Moringa Unrefined Organic Oil (N° 222)
Moringa Refined Oil (N° 236)

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