Shea Butter Benefits and Uses

Shea is a massively popular ingredient in the beauty industry, but what is it, where does it come from and how can you use it? Well, read on to find out…

Shea butter is the ivory butter that is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, native to Africa. The nuts are roasted to release the precious liquid inside and then it is hand kneaded until it becomes a smooth creamy butter.This rich butter is incredibly moisturising, a skincare saviour for dry, cracked skin. It delivers essential fatty acids and nutrients, providing intensive hydration and protection for your skin. It can help soften skin and keep it feeling supple and smooth. It literally is a superfood for your skin.

So which Shea butter should you choose?

There are several different types of Shea butter available. Typically, the whiter the shea butter, the more refined and processed it is. Unrefined raw shea butter should be ivory in colour and have a distinctive nutty, smoky scent. It should be soft and creamy and can sometimes have tiny granules in it. This shows that it is unprocessed and hasn’t been bleached or refined. If you can, always purchase unrefined, raw shea butter and certified organic (like ours!) if possible. 

Top Tip: 

If you do purchase raw shea that has some tiny granules, simply melt it and then cool it rapidly in the fridge of freezer, and it will be beautifully soft and creamy again. 

How to use shea butter

5 ways to use shea butter straight from the pot. 

1. As an all over body moisturiser for intensive hydration 

2. Natural cuticle cream to soften and soothe dry skin around your nails 

3. Soothe chapped, cracked lips 

4. Hydrate split ends and dry, damaged hair. 

5. Target extremely dry areas like elbows and heels 

Shea butter is such a popular ingredient in beauty products, you can find it in products from shampoos, to body creams, to lip balms, to scrubs. Shea is a staple ingredient if you love making your own beauty products. 

Want to try using shea butter to make your own DIY products? Here’s 5 popular products you can make using our favourite versatile, wonder butter! 

1. Whipped body butter 

2. Bath melts 

3. Hair styling balm 

4. Dry hand cream 

5. Intensive hydrating cream

Our unrefined organic shea butter is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Ghana. Read their amazing story here.

Shea Butter Unrefined Organic (N° 306)
Shea Butter Refined Organic (N° 305)
Refined Shea Butter (N° 305)

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