Top Tips For Surviving Lockdown

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Our top tips for surviving lockdown

Stick to a routine

It is recommended that you try to stick to a routine during lock down. Get up when you normally would and go to sleep at your usual time. Disrupting your regular sleep pattern can have a negative effect on your mood.

Keep moving

Whether it is a brisk walk around the block or a full-blown YouTube home workout, exercising can vastly improve mood and boost energy. Exercising releases endorphins, easing stress and anxiety and promoting a positive outlook. Give yourself a little dose of the happy chemicals.

Stay in touch

Video call or message your loved ones regularly. A chat with a friend can really cheer you up in a moment of lock down induced sadness. Catch up, have a laugh and talk about how you are feeling.

Ration your news updates

Constantly watching the news or scrolling through your feeds can bring on bouts of stress and anxiety and erode positivity. Set yourself a daily limit for checking in with the news and try to stick to it.

Be kind to yourself

This is such a strange time for everyone and remember that it is perfectly normal to experience a feeling of uncertainty during lock down. Cut yourself come slack and make time for self care. Do some yoga, have a luxurious bubble bath or get creative, do whatever makes you feel happy.

Ways to relax

We are all starting to adjust to this new normal now, but there will undoubtedly be times when you feel lonely, anxious and frustrated. Juggling home schooling, working from home, cooking a million meals a day and just keeping the house running smoothly can all take its toll on your mental health and well being. Here we share some tips on how you can relax and look after your mind in this crazy time.

Take a bath

Run a lovely warm bath and add in your favourite bath oil or salts to soak away the stress.


Create your own relaxing diffuser blends with your favourite essential oils. Let the soothing aroma wash over you and ease away your worries.

Pamper yourself

Self care is vitally important for your wellbeing. Taking those extra few steps in your skincare routine, having a massage or enjoying a soothing foot soak, take the time you need to look after yourself.

Get crafty

With all this free time, its the perfect opportunity to try that new hobby you've been thinking about. Try your hand at crochet, sewing, baking, pottery, painting. Getting creative is a great way to channel some energy and boost your mood.

Get back to nature

Spending time outdoors and in nature can help ground you and bring a feeling of calm. Sunshine is proven to help improve your mood and brings about feelings of positivity. Go for a walk, spend time in the garden and enjoy the feeling of calm from being surrounded by nature.

Lockdown Essential Oil Blends

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